Feasibility study

It is our standard practice to develop preliminary designs of projects to understand availability of space as well as to estimate approximate costs. For more complex projects, feasibility studies will always be recommended before the actual design work starts. To serve this purpose, we have qualified professionals in all required fields to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies for our clients.

Concept Design

TDA fully understands that the clients in the architecture industry often start with a larger vision, rarely have the abundance of time to articulate their vision in detail to the designers and hence, look to the designers to define comprehensive programs for them.

Architectural Design

There is always room for both tradition and innovation in architecture. We firmly believe in the role of architecture in adding meaning to our lives and reaffirming our cultural values. We are sensitive to the substantial impact buildings have on the environment that is so dear to us. We consistently strive to deliver innovative, yet resource – efficient solutions that respond to the needs of our clients and at the same time respect the environments to which we all belong. Sustainability is an inherent philosophy of all our designs. TDA is renowned for providing clients with cost effective and award winning architecture. We achieve this through commitment and dedication to quality maintenance, active involvement, open communication, and our ability to integrate state-of-the-technology with the highest standards of design excellence to create avant-garde architecture.


Though architecture is the cornerstone of building design, it is interior designers who add life to these designs. TDA provides design services for interior architecture as well as assistance in the design and procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipments. From décor, layout, furniture to style, our interior designs are functional, harmonious and yet, create distinctive moods for the desired purpose. We strive to create a reflection of the distinctive and stylistic needs of the clients and users rather than our signature personal style.


A broad understanding of scientific principles and knowledge of materials are not enough to create safe and sustainable physical and natural built environments. It also requires the art of analysis and synthesis, along with research, teamwork and leadership; and that’s where our engineers find their finest moments. Our engineers are intensely involved in all our design works right from their conceptualization. Through this integrated approach, we are able to develop durable, efficient and safe designs of bulidings for our clients and users.


Our engineers and quantity surveyors keep the construction work on track with changes in market conditions and new developments in materials and this information is used to provide accurate estimates for our clients. Before the execution of construction work of any project, preparation of a sound contract and cost planning is very important. This will not only ensure that the project is completed on time, but also allow our clients to implement significant cost cutting measures. We offer contract documentation and tendering work and provide recommendations to clients on the most suitable contractors to carry out their work.


Though TDA is primarily a design firm, we also provide project management services. We evaluate and document progress on the job sites of projects we manage and keep our clients informed of the quality and pace of their projects. We ensure that the works are carried out to the required quality and within the bugdet. We continuously monitor and supervise the works of contractors to maintain quality of work; and our comprehensive progress reports with specific updates on key areas keep our clients well informed of their project status. We have collaborated with international design and contracting firms on many projects affirming out capacity and capability to deliver internationally acclaimed standards of performances.


We provide professional land surveying services, including Topography, Tree surveys and all types of land boundary surveys, to developers and builders. We also provide Measured Building Surveys and Setting Out surveys We maintain a well-qualified staff, highly competent field personnel, and office technicians who perform computation and mapping tasks. To offer our clients the benefit of rapidly advancing technology, our equipment is constantly updated and expanded. Land Surveys – true-to-scale record of existing topography & surface features establish the change in grade or elevation of land and constructed features such as buildings and roadways, which we frequently utilized for design purposes. Specific costs relative to the construction of proposed structure or any improvements needed for design can be determined more precisely if a topographic survey is completed prior to design. The islands of Maldives are unique in its natural beauty. The crystal clear water around our white sandy beaches embracing the lush vegetation gives a unique quality to each island. The knowledge of the exact positions of the developments and actual distances between them gives the opportunity for improved development, especially in resort islands. Wave action that constantly changes the profile of the beaches makes our beach very dynamic. Frequent surveys by our surveyors give our clients appropriate data to well maintain these beautiful beaches. Tress surveys locate significant trees on a property that is frequently needed for design purposes of our resorts or even within a community landscape in our islands. Measured Building Surveys provide the interior designers with millimeter accuracy in internal floor plans, building elevations, roof plans and cross-section drawings. Setting Out for residential & commercial buildings, resort islands, and construction & civil engineering projects with full QA compliance checks on-site.